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A treasure trove of playful eccentricity, with a small dose of high drama.

We have a true passion for breaking the rules.


About us

The Curious Department is a London-based design studio and online boutique that specialises in the creation of quality art & prints, and luxurious home accessories, designed and created in the UK.

Propelled by the notion of transformation, The Curious Department’s passion is to take the under appreciated aesthetics found in nature, and transform them into unexpected mesmerising objects of beauty. 

In a world where interior mediocrity is mass produced, and design blandness comes neatly flatpacked, The Curious Department strives to embrace the eccentricity of clutter, clashes and the uncommon, with a splash of opulence and dash of Art Deco.

Everything you find in The Curious Department is handmade in the UK, using British-sourced materials and local expertise where possible. Of course, our butterflies and insects aren't all UK natives, but these are sourced from ethical farms across Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Africa, where they live out their full adult lives, and in death provide local employment, fund schools and healthcare schemes, and generate environmental sustainability.

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 The Curious Department co-founders, Chris McShane (l) and Ross Taylor (r).

The Curious Department co-founders, Chris McShane (l) and Ross Taylor (r).


Latest update

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We're beyond excited to announce we've made the shortlist for 'Best Independent Store' at the UK Interior Awards! It's now down to the judges to decide on July 28th. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

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