A Taste For Gold

Gold and metallics have almost always been a symbol of wealth and opulence, and this notion seems to transcend across different cultures through time, but why are we so drawn to the shiny and glossy? Is it because it looks expensive? Is it because it’s pretty?

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

At The Curious Department we openly admit we are obsessed with gold, we love it, from our Mandalas, Butterflies, even our Chinaware, we love a good licking of gold. For us it brings that added glamour that we live for, or maybe it’s for a more curious reason...

With our curious minds at work we did some research into the timeless obsession with Metallics and discovered something quite interesting. It turns out that our attraction to metallics is a leftover instinct from our neolithic ancestors! Scientists in Belgium believe that it harks back to the good old cave men days of seeking water. Water serves an innate need within us , and water reflects light and ripples, reflects and refracts light in the same way as metallics. When we see water and metallics we process that information in our brains in the same way and release pleasure hormones. 

Photo credit :  torange.biz   

Photo credit : torange.biz 

So next time you see some sumptuous gold for your home, and find yourself overwhelmed with desire, just remember that you actually have an inbuilt natural taste for it and it’s not your fault!