...And We're Live!

Today we have officially opened the doors to The Curious Department.... but first, it's only polite that we introduce ourselves. Here are a few facts...

- We are a design studio based in London, and all of our products are British Made.

- We create homewares and interior accessories for those who wish to fill their homes with affordable, unconventional, but undoubtedly fabulous objects. 

- We embrace the eccentricity of clutter and treasure unexpected transformation. 

- We are heavily iInfluenced by the natural world, and look for appreciation and beauty where others find horror and disgust.

So, If you're bored of bog standard and over the over-produced, then it's time to step into a place that believes in something different. Release yourself from the shackles of mainstream minimalism and follow us into a glorious golden age of home decor!

Welcome to The Curious Department.