Top 5 Curious Obsessions in December



First spotted this textured and champgne-smelling beauty in the Holiday House project in London, and immediately was drawn to its classic pairing of black and gold, and the curious creature residing on top. I for one don't think there's enough crocodile objects out there, and is a glamorous and understated luxe alternative to the current interior darling, the flamingo.  Loved this so much, I bought it for Ross for Christmas (shhhh).


Had the pleasure of meeting Rob, the founder and creative force behind Arbitrary Matter at a tradeshow recently and immediately was drawn to his dark but somewhat comedic take on interiors, merging his love of sea life and underwater diving with a modern gothic / pop art twist. This lampshade was a recent birthday purchase and now resides at Curious HQ, and makes a wonderful accompaniment to our nature-inspired decor, with a nod to our favourite,  Tim Burton.


Can you ever have too many animal-related object d'art in the house? Most definitely not! And as always, eschewing the obvious infavour of something more quirky and eccentric, these octopus book ends really do the trick in exciting our curious minds as well as making us swoon at its resplendent elegance. We recently teamed up with Audenza for a Luxury Instagram giveaway, where this was one of the prizes, and we most definitely wish we had won!


As we continue to juggle careers and Curious, we're forever dragging around a laptop or two, to sneak in some work where we can- from cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, wherever! Simply put, this is the perfect laptop backpack for those who care about design. Comprised of half high quality nylon and half flat leather for the perfect balance of casual and professional. the key feature is the separate water-resistant laptop compartment to keep your laptop and tablet safe, as well as a battery pack, to charge on the go... genius!


Wendy Morrison's Instagram feed has been a go-to of ours for a while now, never failing to make us stop and stare at the gorgeous designs and colours expertly crafted onto fabrics, rugs and cushions. Our particular favourite is this oriental inspired statement piece, where viscose florals sparkle against a dark wool background. It's also very lightweight, so makes for an inspired bedspread, and would look perfect in our newly decorated master bedroom at Curious HQ!