Top 5 Curious Obsessions in March

After a short winter break, we're back with a quick rundown of the top 5 homewares and interior "essentials" we've got our beady eyes on this month! As you know, we're not ones for following trends, and certainly wouldn't label ourselves trendsetters, so forgive us if a few of these have done the rounds before, or aren't consider "in vogue" with the Instagram Illuminati. We just like what we like :)  In no particular order...

We love a bit of faux around the house, with some great Ikea hacking going on with the old marble contact paper lately. So it's no surprise whatsoever that we absolutely love this combination of gorgeous mineral pattern with the luxurious feeling silk satin, with duck feather inner. Why didn't anyone alert us to its fabulousness when we were at the height of Sofa Hibernation between November- February? Theres a whole range of marble cushion designs over at Penelope Hope, but we have a huge soft spot for the greens and purples of the Malachite.

Turning thoughts to the outside and Spring (sitting writing this in the garden during a particularly lovely 16c day), would be great to finally get round to making this most of finally having some outdoor space in London! Having only managed 2 BBQs last year I think it's time up my my game and finally invest in some good outdoor furniture. This set, new to is a great starting point, so I can finally enjoy those weekend morning coffees and maybe even the odd Disarano and Coke in the early evenings.

If you follow us on Instagram you'll have seen our recent bedroom redecoration project, turning a very small but sunlit room from bright white to a dark and murky shade of blue/ green ("Night Swim" according to Valspar!). Now with the room the perfect shade of "underwater cavernous bedroom of sweet mermaid dreams", we're looking for the perfect accessories to compliment the colour, but add a little bit more intrigue into this Victorian terraced room, which still boasts an original fireplace. This particular gold mirror, from Newtons Furniture, is just the right fit, with enough subtle glamour to not feel out of place, but also sympathetically designed to match the ceiling rose. Handy! Will hopefully share the Before/ After once the room is complete (will it EVER be complete?!).

Image courtesy of Swoon Worthy

Image courtesy of Swoon Worthy

Staying with the bedroom refresh, we also need to finally get rid of the ridiculous insufficient table lampshade that somehow made it onto the ceiling and get something a little more apt! Again, for such a small room we need something ideally that is small, but high impact, and I think we've found just the piece! We've seen the spectacular Atticus light pendent doing the rounds on Instagram last year, but then totally fell in love with it when we saw it in the home of eclectic boho glam queen Kimberly Duran, from the interiors blog Swoon Worthy. As you can see from Kimberly's master bedroom above, also painted a rather dark shade, the golden pendant is really given the space to shine, and is wonderfully accentuated by the ceiling rose (and further complimented by a lovely gold mirror- hmmm, OK so we basically WANT KIMBERLY'S BEDROOM). Anyways, we've already mentally purchased this item, just need to let our credit card know, really.


Going out on a high with this one... if The Curious Department did bathrooms! Behold, a huge dose inspiration from Maison Valentina, who never fail to disappoint us with their sculptured metallics, polished marble surfaces and geometric shapes, and our favourite ever colour combination of gold and black. Here we're especially loving the Koi Wash Basin, with the Japanese inspiration evoking a serenity and calmness to balance out the bombastic (and theatric) opulence. It's also rather similar to the recent rebranding of the Ping Pong dim sum restaurants, equally borrowing the fish scales pattern to dazzling effect.