How to style our Swoon Worthy Butterfly Print

If you've read any of our interviews you'll know that The Curious Department is a walking talking contradiction, one minute celebrating maximalism, pattern classes and the darker shades of the colour palette, and then we do a heel turn straight towards the calm serenity of white, vivid colours and statement interiors that exude class and subtle opulence. So when we're asked for styling tips, which is quite often, we're likely to give totally different answers depending on the day/ weather/ proximity to food.

As such, we very much let our artwork do the talking, and love to see how our curious curators' own personal style elevates our pieces! With our latest print, the Swoon Worthy Butterfly, having just fluttered its way into the homes of so many of you recently, we thought we'd share our top favourites, styled by you and shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Fitting we start off with Kimberly Duran, of the celebrated interiors blog Swoon Worthy who collaborated with us on the design of the print, exclusively as part of our Kickstarter campaign. Combining her love of butterflies, Art Deco and metallics, not only does the print bear her name, but is also a celebration of her gorgeous style and eclectic tastes.  Here you can see the master at work, with the print taking pride of place in the Swoon Worthy office, accessorised with all the blogger essentials (aka perfect black matt desk and gorgeous stationary) with a curated collection of quirky items like the gold pineapple and animal print tea cup, topped off with the colourful wallpaper. In fact, her whole office is boho glam eclectic perfection, check it out here!  

Loving this mixture of everything Mother Nature has to offer, from the intricately carved wooden chest, to the glazed pottery, and the thriving houseplants, and topped off with the matt stoney grey frame for the Swoon Worthy Butterfly.  A fitting nod to the beauty of the natural world, but complimented with the best of modern industrial, JTCollings has created a fresh and interesting backdrop.

Resplendent in almost ridiculous amounts of shimmering gold foil, the Swoon Worthy Butterfly print can be a shining beacon in even the darkest of rooms. Here @metricspace_interiors was able to pair the print with a dark frame and mount, alongside a Hague Blue wall by Farrow & Ball, and a seagrass basket for a sophisticated and subtle vignette. 

Now that it is "officially" Spring, and with actual butterflies starting to appear, it's time to embrace the full colour palette this season has to offer! Check out the above styling by Sophy.r, who has opted for the classic combination of white mount/ black frame to really bring out the contrast of the Swoon Worthy Butterfly print with the on-trend green wall, and fabulous pastel flowers. It's like Spring is perfectly embodied all in one picture... great stuff!

We just LOVE the pairing of black and gold (couldn't you tell?!), so when we saw this fabulous feature wall idea by Newtons Furniture we thought we died and went to interiors heaven. For the full rundown of how to achieve a look similar, go grab some gold leaf and head on over to their blog now !

Of course, pink shouldn't just be banished to girls bedrooms, but a colour to be celebrated by one and all! Whilst many might shy away from pairing the Swoon Worthy Butterfly print with a seemingly obvious feminine colour for fear of girliness overload, Lisa Dawson has done it beautifully by opting for a dusty shade of pink (another colour that's really broken through to the mainstream) and complimented by an enviable collection of curiosities including Jeff Koons miniatures, glass pineapples and an abundance of thriving house plants.

And if you're still trying to decide on a frame...!

Choosing the right frame and mount can be tricky and an important matter of personal taste, but if you're like us, and love the classic simplicity of a good old black frame, look no further than the 50cm x 50cm Ribba Frame from IKEA, which is the perfect size and shape to house the Swoon Worthy Butterfly print. And it's an absolute bargain for only £9. Thanks for the tip, @pinterestaddictblog !

With so many different ways you can style the Swoon Worthy Butterfly print, we hope this post grows and grows over time with all of your gorgeous submissions! Don't forget to tag your pictures #thecuriousdepartment and @thecuriousdepartment on Instagram so we can celebrate you too, and let us know in the comments below which ones are your favourite!