Top 5 Curious Obsessions in September

Curious Obsessions- September

OK, so at first glance you think "that's a cute lil geometric cat candle in a lovingly chic and inoffensive shade of grey" but then when you are brave enough to light it, there's the slow reveal of a gloriously sinister skeleton underneath. Love these kinds of curious objects with hidden layers and depth, and a sense of the unexpected. First came across these amazing candles on a trip to Reykjavik, and been meaning to snap one up ever since...

In full on Spring Cleaning mode, but the problem is, one half of The Curious Department has an annoying habit of treating any and every surface as a personal receptacle of the contents of his pockets. At any given moment, a table could be littered with receipts, debit cards, multiple currencies in coins and notes, car/ bike/ house/ gym locker keys and sneaky choccy bar wrappers. So, my thinking is, whack a few of these golden beauties down, and chances are all that "pocketcrap" is bound to make it inside one, and at least look somewhat pretty by proxy? Maybe?!

Coral has been a trend for a while now and these piece are the perfect accent to bring a bit of Under The Sea to your home.

Our love obsession with terrazzo continues... 

Reeves is a unique chair. An exquisite tubular brass structure shaped around 2 wide circles make up the looks of this chair. Leather cushions add comfort and colour to this piece. Perfect for interiors with that Hollywood regency look, filled with glitz and glam covered in a mirrored finish. Sit and relax, let the style sink in while sipping a tasty cocktail.