In a world where interior mediocrity is mass produced, and design blandness comes neatly flatpacked, The Curious Department strives to embrace the eccentricity of clutter, clashes and the uncommon, with a splash of opulence and dash of art deco. Our collections embody our passion for the natural world but with our own curious twists. Discover them below.



Propelled by the concept of transformation, our first collection explores the under-appreciated aesthetics found in the insect world, which we elevate into curious objects of beauty; METAMORPHOSIS draws from the past & present, but resides in a timeless space where nature and design converge. Featuring our signature Insect Mandala fine bone china, Ethical Taxidermy mounted on our limited edition Deco Square and Spiro prints, and range of Butterfly Kaleidoscope cushions.


Our second collection ELEMENTAL explores the synergy between floral habitats and the creatures that reside in them. Representing the four key elements of earth, air, fire and water, and using pattern and shapes to blur the boundaries between flora & animal, our new collection is a heady concoction of Art Nouveau and Hollywood Regency influences with a splash of gold foil opulence.